About Our Company

About Our Company
Launched in late June of 2011, Central Media Group is a multi-media firm dedicated to the deveopment and exposure of artist of all musical and theatrical genres.Music is one of the most searched and accessed interests on the internet. A top teir artist can recieve as many as three(3) million seraches a month. This is not the case for lesser known independent artists. Many times, a lack of reliable indusrty connections, coupled with artists or labels lack of proper funding can sell disaster. Central Media Group offers a variety of services geared towards the overall success of our clients. Central Media Group enables artists to raise awareness and create an even larger "buzz" for themselves while keeping overhead costs at a minimum.Because we specialize in such a wide variety of services our clients have the opportunity to choose ONLY the services which they might need MOST.The broad scale of what Central Media Group offers also gives musical artists, actors, actresses, as well as comics, the ability to piece together a package which will dramatically improve their exposure.
Central Media Group offers the following services:

*Vocal Recording           *Song Licensing                           *Mastering Services   

*Song Wrinting               *Song Mixing And Remixing          *Artist Development/Image Consulting

*Artist Management       *Event Catering                           *Photography/Make-up Services

*Production                   *Digital Distribution                     *CD Duplication

*Concert Booking           *Promotions                               *Video Storyboard/Scripting Services

*Marketing(online)         *Talent Showcasing